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Stephen Joachim Olympism 55 The TASVG cannot be satisfied with the level of involvement of coaches in the GTIP Additionally, some coaches have been working with athletes from the schools in which they are engaged because of the talent that they have seen among them. Talent identification takes place at all ages although most people believe that emphasis should be placed on getting athletes in their early years in sport.

Training The problem, however, rests with getting the athletes to commit to engaging in the appropriate type of training as early as one full year prior to the Games. It is often the case that the athletes do not spend enough time training. Without proper training the athletes may make the standards set but do little more that would allow them to compete on a level playing field with their opponents. There can be no success without training.

Pamenos Ballantyne has shown the distance running athletes of this country that they must train consistently if they wish to move forward at the local and regional levels. Too many of our athletes seem fearful of arduous training. They wish to have an easy pathway to success. That is not possible. Athletes must adhere to the training regimen provided by their coaches. They cannot afford to cheat on the programme. Experience here has shown that athletes often do not follow the programme in the absence of their coaches.

It is also the case that when athletes arrive at the training venues they tend to simply hang around as if waiting on instructions from their coaches. A working group set up by RBI in to look into the granular aspects of FinTech and its implications for regulation purpose had recommended introduction of an appropriate framework for a regulatory sandbox RS. RBI draft says that the RS may run a few cohorts end-to-end sandbox process , with a limited number of entities in each cohort testing their products during a stipulated period.

The RS shall be based on thematic cohorts focussing on financial inclusion, payments and lending, digital KYC, etc. The cohorts may run for varying time periods but should ordinarily be completed within six months. It says RBI may consider relaxing, if warranted, some of the regulatory requirements for sandbox applicants for the duration of the RS on a case-to-case basis. However, it specifically mentions that certain regulatory requirements have to be maintained mandatorily.

To ensure that the RS provisions are not misused, RBI clearly specifies a list of services already being provided or not welcome by the regulator that are excluded from RS. RBI is seeking comments on the draft guidelines by May 08, Can it really drive innovation in India?

A regulatory sandbox has many inherent benefits. By definition, it provides learning and feedback for all stakeholders—the regulators, newer fintechs, incumbents as well as the end users. Users get to experience what is possible and the costs and benefits. Their reaction is feedback for all the other three stakeholders.

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